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John G. Thevos District 5

 Serving the AHEPA family in New Jersey & Delaware


The John G. Thevos District Magazine

Scholarship Opportunities

John G. Thevos 5th District Annual Scholarship Program

Fifth District AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation was formed in October 1988, by the Fifth District Order of AHEPA.

AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors

A national initiative for the fundraising of the Service Dogs for Warriors program.

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“As goes 5, so goes the nation”
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Congratulations to all our 2017 AHEPA District 5 Scholarship recipients!

 A wonderful, well attended reception was held on Friday, June 23, 2017 in their honor to celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Many thanks to Scholarship Committee Treasurer Brother Vassos Chrysanthou for organizing an awesome "Night to Remember" and to committee members Brother Steve Lioumis PDG and Brother John Mehos PSG.

Much continued success in all their endeavors!

Left to right in the front:
Vassos Chrysanthou, AHEPA Supreme Lodge Board of Trustees.
Michael Gianakos, Monroe #75 for Alexia Coutsouridis
Nick Mallous. #450. Wildwood.
Sophia Chryssofos. #69. Camden.
Elena Patestos. #467. Ocean County.
Florentina Sergiou. #467. Ocean County.
Panayioti Logothetis. #54. Paramus.
Left to right in the back:
Yianni Christos Chrysanthou, presenter.
George N. Petrakakis DG AHEPA
Christopher Gasparis. #453. Ramapo.
Nicholas Horiates for his son Zachary. #69. Camden.
Not pictured:
Elena Mikelis. #285 Bergen Knights.

AHEPA District 5 Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students about to begin their college education.

It is a program administered by the Past District Governors of the district.

Read the qualifications carefully and submit your student's application for consideration by the deadline.




AHEPA D5 Scholarship Awards 2017

AHEPA District 5 Scholarship Application Cover Letter 2017




The deadline to apply is March 31st


Please send applications to:

Vassos Chrysanthou
2212 Arvell Court
Toms River, NJ 08755


Eligibility and Qualifications

Applicants for the scholarship grants and scholastic awards will be considered on the basis of scholastic achievement and participation in school and/or community activities.

The awarding of scholarship grants shall be restricted to:

  1. Only the members of the AHEPA family shall be eligible for the John G. Thevos Fifth District Scholarships.  The term “AHEPA family members” is to include and be limited to all AHEPANS, DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE, SONS OF PERICLES, MAIDS OF ATHENA, and their children who reside within the John G. Thevos Fifth District.  However, any member who has moved from this area, but has maintained his/her membership in his local Chapter in the Fifth District, then his/her children would be eligible for consideration regardless of their residency.
  2. Sons and daughters of deceased AHEPA family members of the John G. Thevos Fifth District, who were in good standing at the time of their death are eligible and may submit an  application through the Chapter to which either parent belonged.

  3. Applicants and/or their sponsors must presently be members in good standing of their respective chapters of the Fifth District for at least three (3) consecutive years.  This same rule would apply in paragraphs 1 and 2

  4. Only Chapters who have paid in full their per capita tax to National Headquarters through December 31st of the preceding year and paid their obligation to the District Scholarship  Program  ($4.00/member) by April 30th of the current year are eligible to submit candidates.

All applicants for the grants shall apply through the Chapter of their sponsor and receive the Chapter’s endorsement.

All applicants must be accepted by an accredited college or university of their choice in order to qualify for the grant.

An official transcript of the applicant’s scholastic record must accompany this application including the applicant’s recent grades and final rank to the date of application.

The eligibility of applicants for the grants and scholastic awards shall be restricted to high school students of the Fifth District about to enter college who are in the upper third of their class.

Two letters of personal reference from faculty  members of the school last attended and a current photo must accompany this application.

All applications must be endorsed by the respective Chapter President and Secretary and be filed with the Scholarship Committee by April 1st of each year.


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AHEPA Mission Statement:

To promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, integrity,
and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.