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New Jersey & Delaware

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John G. Thevos District 5

 Serving the AHEPA family in New Jersey & Delaware


The John G. Thevos District Magazine

Scholarship Opportunities

John G. Thevos 5th District Annual Scholarship Program

Fifth District AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation was formed in October 1988, by the Fifth District Order of AHEPA.

AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors

A national initiative for the fundraising of the Service Dogs for Warriors program.

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“As goes 5, so goes the nation”
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Welcome to Our District

AHEPA members are proud of the contributions the ancient Greeks gifted to Western Civilization. As Americans, we share many of the values put forth by them: civic responsibility, philanthropy, education, family and individual excellence, and the ideals of democracy.

This is the essence of our heritage. This is the core of our mission.


John G. Thevos District 5 Lodge (NJ/DE)

2017 - 2018 District Lodge

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Zenon Christodoulou

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Lt. Governor

Dimitri Rozanitis

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District Secretary

Steve Marmarou

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District Treasurer

George Pappas

personel bio picDistrict Marshal

Bob Fourniadis

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District Warden

Savvas M. Kyriacou
(732) 492-0511 Mobile

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District Athletic Director

Asteris Fanikos, PDG

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District Sons Advisor

Ted Vittas, PDG

Past District Governors

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AHEPA Mission Statement:

To promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, integrity,
and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.